WAN Optimization

Eliminating the Bottleneck

Limited WAN bandwidth repeatedly leads to bottlenecks in data transmission. With the help of "Network Traffic Management Appliances" this problem can be effectively eliminated.

Traffic Management systems allow the monitoring and optimization of IP networks, analyze the entire data traffic, and ensure that prioritized or time-critical applications such as Citrix and VoIP receive the appropriate bandwidth. Comprehensive solutions also include functions such as data compression, traffic shaping, and data traffic optimization. This makes it possible to significantly enhance the transmission rate, and as a result also the available broadband connection, and also results in a sustainable reduction of network costs. In addition far-reaching monitoring and reporting functions create a high degree of transparency, and help to establish an optimized management of network infrastructure.

So-called «Unified Performance Management» (UP-) systems include an integral set of functions that address the following needs: 

  • Creation of transparency and control of bandwidth allocation, or prioritization of urgend and critical applications
  • Low dosage or lower prioritization of data traffic that is not time critical (e.g. FTP downloads)
  • Detection and blocking of unimportant and/or security-critical data traffic
  • Compression of data traffic so that additional data can be transmitted on the basis of the existing bandwidth
  • Acceleration of data traffic or reduction of transfer-related delays and waiting periods
  • Reservation of bandwidth for defined applications