Network Automation

Single changes on multiple devices allways consume a lot of time due a administrator has to have the credentials, act with a login, make the changes and save it in the end.
Quiet often, a step or a device will be missing eq the config on a switch gets not written to the memory and with the next reboot or fallout the configuration is lost.

Thats where the Configuration and Change Management takes plase. It provides the ability to make multiple changes on multiple devices within one single task.
It will handel the device credentials, push the changes and commit the configuration.

The automation features also collect configuration files in a returning cycle.
That hold the current stored configuration for the "Configuration and Change Manangement" up to date and make you able to verfy and trace changes, that have been made.


Taking the aspects of Network Automation together:

  • Get changes done on multiple devices with one single task.
  • Collect configuration files, vendor and model indipendent.
  • Avoid issues/essors for recurrent tasks on different devices.
  • Easy to trace the current state of running or completed tasks.