Knowing What's Up

We all know them: the vague error descriptions provided by users, such as "the net is slow", or "the VoIP doesn't work".

In those cases it is of the utmost importance hat the network team localize the problem as soon as possible, maybe only to find out that it is not a problem of network infrastructure. SIDARION's surveillance solutions cover a wide array of network aspects, such as:

  • Link quality: Round Trip Time, Jitter, Packet Loss, Discards
  • Capacity utilization of network
  • Response time of net applications such as DNS
  • Distribution of the logs

In addition, SIDARION also covers security-related aspects by means of Intrusion Detection systems in order to document compliance of internal security policy. Malware such as worms and trojans can also be discovered this way.

Once the causes, the IP or DNS name of a problematic account is known SIDARION's solution can find out the SWITCH or the port, so that a reaction can be implemented quickly. Network monitoring also includes monitoring of services on the servers. One of SIDARION's main objectives is to optimize the alert system, so that only serious events are reported.