IP Address Management: Automated, Efficient, Secure

IP Address Management (IPAM) serves the central administration of IP-Addressing as well as the automatic connection of all information from DNS- and DHCP-services.

In particular medium-size and large networks IPAM  is a business critical issue. It ensures that no mistakes happen in IP-Addressing and the connected services DNS/DHCP, no ressources are squandered, and the appropriate processes run in automated fashion and as smoothly as possible.


Key Points in IP Address Managements are:

  • High redundancy of services: through the central position of the DNS and DHCP services high availability is a requirement.
  • A well thought through authorization system. This guarantees the stability of the system on one hand (no changes can be made in foreign subnets or domains), and allows the work to be delegated in "granular" fashion
  • Tracking of changes made possible
  • Excellent security of the DNS- and the DHCP-services

The external DNS servers must be particularly secure and robust due to their increased internet exposure. Inflblox uses well established techniques like hardening of software and a expedited reacting to security problems by way of patches on the day of publication.

In addition, Infoblox appliances offer latest techiques such as RRL (Response Rate Limiting), RPZ (Response Policy Zone), and lastly also functions to prevent DDOS attacks.