DNS / DHCP - Available, Reliable, Easy to Maintain

DNS and DHCP are rarely looked at, but extremely important core network services. Without a functioning DNS system the entire communication across the network collapses. If the DHCP doesn't work, clients are unable to access the network.

Through the rapidly increasing amount of network clients and with the launch of DNSSEC to provide secure DNS and IPv6, the management of addresses and records becomes more and more complex. SIDARION provides a solution to help simplify these tasks and operate a failsafe, efficient, and low-maintenance system.

Customers can merge information in the DNS/DHCP with their CMDB, in order to find unmanaged devices in the network, and find wrongly configurated or mismatched ones. One can also ensure that objects in firewall management are labeled identically as in the DNS, in order to avoid confusion, and cultivate uniform labeling.

The obtained data can then also be automatically merged with data from the Network Configuration and Change Management, so that one can tell the IP and switch port of a particular device at a glance, and see when it was used last.

Key aspects of the DNS / DHCP service are:

  • High redundancy of services. Due the central role of DNS and DHCP services, a high degree of availability is essential
  • A well-designed authorization system. One the one hand this guarantees the stability of the system (changes in different subnets or domains cannot be made) and allows delegation of work in a "granular" fashion
  • Changes are easily traceable
  • High levels of security and stability of the DNS and DHCP services

The reliable and safe operation in particular of external DNS servers that are exposed to the internet is of the utmost importance. Appliance-based, hardened solutions thus offer clear advantages.