Automated Configuration and Change Management

Who made the modification that resulted in the interruption? What did the configuration look like before?

These are the typical questions that cannot be immediately answered without a functioning Configuration and Change Management system in place. Many companies use a Change Management tool wherein changes can be requested, described, and logged. Only seldom however do these fully document the complete configuration of a switch or firewall prior to the change, and the exact commands, settings, or objects that have been adjusted to make these changes. This makes it difficult to compare the current situation with a time in the past in order to quickly find mistakes that may have caused an interruption.

SIDARION offers tools for automated monitoring and securing of configurations that connect changes with the respective request in the existing Change Management system. These solutions include the possibility of checking to see whether or not certain company standards are being adhered to. Examples of these are basic settings such as  administrator authentication via RADIUS, or the configuration of internal DNS- and NTP-servers. Safety-critical mistakes in configuration can also be discovered here, if redundancies have not been apropriately set up, or if ACLs oder firewall policies violate the company's security guidelines or compliance standards.

Additional information can be found in the section on Security Change Management. This area often blends together with Configuration and Change Management in the area of networks and thus allows a broad overview of network and firewall conditions.