Secure Web Access

Surfing on the internet still poses great risks, and Web 2.0 and HTML 5 unfortunately have not changed this. On the contrary, browsers are continuously becoming increasingly powerful, and now offer functions  such as incorporated video players, instant messaging, GPS localization, and a program interface that is fast enough even for 3D games. Security is thus becoming increasingly important, and weekly updates are ensured.

In light of these developments, SIDARION recommends approaching security for accessing the internet by combining URL-filters and anti-malware, and complementing this with IPS and Application Control.

Aside from blocking undesirable content, the URL-filter will also block malware- and phishing pages. The anti-malware protection assists against known viruses, whereas the IPS counters weaknesses in the browser. Lastly, Application Control allows filtering of a particular provider's content in the extensive network of Web 2.0, as these may have also been embedded on other sites. One example of this are Facebook Games.

Our solutions do not need various gateways, since these functions switch consecutively. We offer you this diversity of functions in an easy-to-use solution which can be handled transparently or explicity via proxy. We also offer this solution als a managed security service.