Remote Access

Always connected with the Office

Due to increased mobility of employees, a modern work space is no longer restricted to one office environment. Various reasons might contribute to employees requiring access from afar: Some employees prefer or need to work from home at times, others want to prepare while on their way to work or receive e-mails even when they are not in the office, and some simply want to know what is happening at headquarters or have access to company data at all times. A VPN infrastrucure can solve all this. As an authenticated part of the company network, each user can operate within the Intranet environment as if he were sitting in his office.

The two most common VPN techniques are SSL-VPN and IPsec. Whereas SSL-VPN ist mainly used to allow individual users  limited connection time with the company network, IPsec tunnels are used to permanently connect two networks. This makes it possible, for example, to share central internal resources with the different subsidiary branches of the company. That way different sites can work together as if they were connected via one local network.