Riverbed Technology was founded in 2002 as a company specializing in optimizing traffic from Wide Area Networks (WANs). In the meantime, riverbed has established itself and can hold its own alongside large corporations such as Cisco and Juniper. Through innovative technology, Riverbed has held its position as the leader in the Gartner Quadrant section of "WAN Optimization Management" for many years. The SteelFusion appliance allows fast synchronization of data distributed in data centers worldwide. Users have access to up to date data, even in the case of complete WAN breakdown.

SIDARIONis proud to be a Riverbed Gold Partner.

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Riverbed SteelHead™

Steelhead AppliancesThe Riverbed SteelHead accelerates applications and data transfer over wide area and hybrid networks. Increased speed, simplified overview, and easier management of the WAN-traffic are some of the advantages for headquarters, subsidiary branches, and cloud applications.

Riverbed SteelCentral™

Cascade ApplianceAs companies branch out globally more and more, central management and monitoring of data streams becomes more and more of an issue. Equipped with SteelHead technology and thus further accelerated, SteelCentral NetShark appliances are able to easily store, analyze, and manage data traffic in every branch office. Troubleshooting WAN connections is simplified, something that can be of incalculable value in such an important sector.