The company OneSpan (formerly vasco) supplies solutions for authentication of users. They are particularly well known for their DIGIPASS number tokens that offer two-factor authentication. OneSpan is the largest supplier of token solutions worldwide. They offer tokens in all possible shapes and colors. Such individual customization can be specified in orders upwards of 100 tokens. 

SIDARION is a OneSpan Premium Partner.

Additional information can be found on the OneSpan homepage.



IDENTIKEYThe IDENTIKEY server manages passwords and tokens. Connecting this to an existing directory (active directory, LDAP) is possible. The IDENTIKEY server can also be set up redundantly and globally distributed. The database is then synchronized between the instances.


DIGIPASS GO7The DIGIPASS are available in various forms and types. Aside from hardware tokens, the distribution by text message is also possible. This procedure is preferably used as an SMS backup token. That way, a user can even register if he has forgotten the token, or if the token is broken. Since text messages sent internationally can often take additional time to arrive, hardware tokens are still used by many users and represents the more reliable and secure option.