Illumio has developed adaptive micro-segmentation technology that prevents the spread of breaches inside any data center and cloud.

SIDARION is a Illumio Silver partner.

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  • Build a foundation for Zero Trust security with micro-segmentation
  • Enable compliance and prevent the lateral movement of bad actors inside your data center
  • Enable micro-segmentation on a global scale with PCE Supercluster™
  • Enable real-time visibility into your application dependencies with Illumination® application dependency maps
  • Enhance patching strategy and use micro-segmentation as a compensating control with vulnerability maps
  • Use enforcement points from your existing infrastructure investments


Illumio - Adaptive Security Platform (ASP)

Illumio ASP delivers real-time application dependency mapping and micro-segmentation to prevent the lateral movement of bad
actors inside your data center and cloud environments. It provides real-time visibility into the connectivity between workloads
across heterogeneous compute environments, generates optimal micro-segmentation policies based on how workloads
communicate, and programs the native stateful enforcement points in each host to enforce applicable firewall rules.

Illumio ASP is unique because its architecture enables you to use the sensors and enforcement points that are natively available
in your compute environment, eliminating the overhead of having to re-architect your network and deploy more networking/SDN
and data center firewalls to secure your micro-perimeters. Illumio ASP delivers visibility and enables micro-segmentation for
Zero Trust security at any scale. Since policy creation does not require deep familiarity with networking terminologies, you can
empower different teams within your organization to create micro-segmentation policies, but retain governance over what
gets provisioned.


Illumination und Application Dependency


Policy Generator


Illumio and Infoblox Integration (Sidarion)