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API Firewall with machine learning protection

FortiWeb now offers AI-based machine learning threat detection that replaces the existing auto-learn function. With this new capability, you can deploy FortiWeb to protect against known threats and zero-day attacks with few or virtually no false positives.

Protection for APIs:
FortiWeb now provides additional protection to APIs by blocking access not according to the API schema. Current support is for OpenAPI 3.0 framework.

XML protection - You can configure an XML Protection Policy so that FortiWeb will:

  • Enforce customizable rules for acceptable XML content in HTTP requests, including limits for names, values, depth, and other attributes
  • Prevent forbidden XML entities from making requests

Optionally, upload XML schema files to describe the acceptable structure of an XML document that FortiWeb can use to enforce XML Protection Policies.

FortiWeb is a web application firewall (WAF) that protects hosted web applications from attacks that target known and unknown exploits. Using multi-layered and correlated detection methods, FortiWeb defends applications from known vulnerabilities and zero-day threats. FortiWeb allows you to configure these features:

  • Vulnerability scanning and patching
  • IP reputation, web application attack signatures, credential stuffing defense, anti-virus, and FortiSandbox Cloud powered by FortiGuard
  • Real-time attack insights and reporting with advanced visual analytics tools
  • Integration with FortiGate and FortiSandbox for ATP detection
  • Behavioral attack detection
  • Advanced false positive and negative detection avoidance

FortiWeb hardware and virtual machine platforms are available for medium and large enterprises, as well as for service providers.

AI-based Threat Detection
In addition to regular signature updates and many other layers of defenses, FortiWeb’s AI-based, dual-layer machine learning engines protect against zero-day attacks.