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Networks, security and server infrastructure need to be ever more tightly integrated. With virtualisation and private cloud solutions, the speed of service delivery is increasing. Ensuring a consistent, secure setup is a major challenge.

Our specialists help you automate individual tasks and keep your head clear for the complex issues. We also offer you solutions for an easy-to-manage, scalable private cloud. This enables you to keep costs under control and protect your valuable data at the same time.

01A hyper-converged infrastructure increases IT security and is a holistic solution that minimises the attack surface.

02Get control over the complexity of your data center through visibility, segmentation and security.


Storage, Backup and Data Management

The data centre is the linchpin of a company. High performance, high bandwidths and short latency times are indispensable for stable and risk-free business operations. With the use of a hyper-converged system, you ensure a high level of data security, are able to depend on reliable backup solutions and simplify the infrastructure through virtualisation.

Backup – With our backup partner, backup data does not sit idle. We collect metadata into a unified whole that intelligently captures insights about data changes, user permissions and access activity. “Don’t backup, go forward” is the guiding principle for the simplicity and reliability of the backup solution. With a hyper-converged solution, you can cross manual backups off your to-do list.

Virtualisation – Virtualisation no longer needs to be a separate layer of the IT stack that needs to be licensed, provisioned and managed separately. With native AHV virtualisation, you get a lean solution that promises high performance, flexible migrations, security hardening as well as disaster recovery. You get full performance without bloated software and without additional costs.


Core Areas

  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    Integration of storage and compute resources

    Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    Our partners: Nutanix, Cumulus Networks .

    Traditional data centre architectures are based on individual tiers of compute (server) and storage connected by a dedicated network. Typically, this network is a storage area network (SAN) or a network attached storage (NAS) system.

    A SAN/NAS-based architecture physically separates the compute tier and the storage tier to provide storage resources for data centre services in a centralised manner. This approach is an improvement over the inefficient utilisation of direct-attached storage (DAS) designs where data capacity cannot be shared between multiple servers.

    While SAN and NAS-based architectures have been the mainstay of many enterprise data centres in the past, they can no longer keep up with the demands of a modern, virtualised environment. They were not designed to handle the explosion of VMs and the resulting I/O demands of today’s server architectures.

    Provisioning new VMs with SAN-based storage is often a complex and lengthy process that requires manual tuning of the central storage array configuration. In addition, the SAN intermediate network that continuously moves data between storage and server tiers introduces unnecessary latency that impacts overall performance.

    While SANs have performed admirably in the past, they are quickly becoming a hindrance in modern data centre architectures. SANs have:

    • poor scalability for virtualised workloads.
    • a lack of IT agility. VM provisioning is tightly coupled with inflexible back-end storage systems.
    • network performance bottlenecks due to the explosion of I/O requests with VMs.
    • forced investment in over-sized storage arrays.
    • disproportionately high operating costs because components from multiple vendors must work together in the SAN fabric.

    Software-Defined Architecture

    Fortunately, leading data centre architects have designed a better approach. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have devised the converged infrastructure design in their cloud services, where the compute and storage tiers work together in a common system while providing distributed storage. This eliminates the need for an intermediary storage network such as a SAN.

    The pioneering work of these trailblazing companies in infrastructure convergence preserves the benefits of shared storage while reducing the cost and complexity of legacy storage networks. This increases overall data centre performance and achieves new levels of scalability and efficiency.

  • Segmentation in the Data Centre

    Microsegmentation as best practice

    Segmentation in the Data Centre

    Our Partners: Fortinet, Illumio, VMWare

    Traditional approaches to securing the data centre focus primarily on perimeter security. However, more sophisticated approaches are needed to counter today’s attacks. By further subdividing network segments into smaller logical parts, it is possible to harden and protect critical data, systems and processes from hacker attacks. The attack surface is reduced and malware is prevented from spreading in data centre and cloud environments.

    Cybersecurity experts recognise that microsegmentation is fundamental to data centre and cloud security. Organisations that want to secure their internal environments need to be more dynamic and granular than network segmentation allows. Microsegmentation makes this possible.

    Thanks to our experience with VMware NSX, Forigate VMX and Illumio, we can satisfy a variety of needs and advise accordingly.

  • Enterprise Cloud

    Data centre modernisation

    Enterprise Cloud

    Our partners: Cumulus Networks, Redhat, Tufin.

    The term “enterprise cloud” refers to your company’s centrally managed server infrastructure. This includes both your own data centres and the areas outsourced to the cloud, i.e. the services in IaaS and PaaS cloud platforms.

    Sidarion offers a comprehensive range of solutions to manage your distributed services and provide an overall view of them.

    Our offering includes:

    • cross-platform self-service portals
    • cloud management platform
    • cloud decurity
    • automation
    • service-based billing
    • integration of disparate services such as CMDB, system monitoring and more

    Our experienced IT architects will support you on your journey to the cloud; planning the migration, securing the services and centrally administering a hybrid enterprise cloud infrastructure.


Consulting & Services

Together with you, we will find the right hypervisor for your company and fully exploit the potential of the solution.

  • Concept/Design


    After the current situation has been assessed and the strategy has been devised, the concept is presented and the design is developed. In close cooperation with you, we create a concept that satisfies your needs and fits into your IT environment. With this concept we ensure that the project is implemented according to the specifications and that the agreed goals are achieved.

    All of our specialists work on projects and cover for each other in case of absences. With this approach we guarantee a profound knowledge in the areas of conceptual design, project implementation and troubleshooting. Overall, this helps us to better understand the needs of our customers and thus to provide you with a first-class service.

  • Integration/Implementation


    The ability to integrate standard products into your existing environment is one of Sidarion’s special strengths. We help you to automatically synchronise data between systems, to create customised interfaces for routine tasks (e.g. with a web GUI) or to implement other requests.

  • Workshops/Training


    We train your employees on-site in your environment and thus help you to be able to work quickly with the new solution. This includes the transfer of basic knowledge, product-specific know-how for administration and troubleshooting, as well as for the support processes of Sidarion and the manufacturer.

    In addition, we are happy to offer you the official manufacturer training and certification exams. This way you get to know the product from the manufacturer’s point of view and often see further uses and functions that were previously unused.

  • Support/Service


    The Sidarion support services (SIDcare) include flexible remote maintenance or on-site support of your devices by our specialists. This is an expansion of the scope of delivery and the support subscription. As your local partner with a working knowledge of your system environment, customer-specific features and an in-depth knowledge of the network and security technologies of our products, we are able to help you and solve your problems quickly and efficiently.

  • Maintenance/Operations


    You do not want to take care of the operation of the infrastructure yourself? No problem, we will gladly take over this work for you. We take care of operating, monitoring, patch management, change management and reporting. We discuss the service status with you at regular intervals and make adjustments on request.


Our Partners for Data Centre Solutions

For successful projects you need the right partners and products. Save time and money with the right solutions without having to sacrifice important functions. Thanks to mutual trust, we offer you the optimal solution with our valued partners - even across technologies and partners.


Nutanix Scaler Parter

Hyper-converged infrastructures – Nutanix software unifies private, public and distributed clouds and empowers IT departments to deliver the applications and data that power their business. Nutanix integrates computing, storage and virtualisation into a single solution.

Certified Partner

Multi-cloud data control – Rubrik provides a powerful platform for simplified and stable recovery, search and evolution of your data. With the use of a metadata repository, insights about data changes, user permissions, and access activities are captured and delivered in an unaltered form.

VMware Enterprise Level Solution Provider

Virtualisation and Cloud Computing – VMware offers a very broad portfolio of solutions for virtualisation and cloud computing. It ranges from the free hypervisor ESXi to the suite for managing and automating complex operations and architectures in data centres.



“What I appreciate about Sidarion is the uncomplicated cooperation and the immediate response when matters are urgent. Having a partner with the necessary know-how makes it easier to keep our focus on our core business."

Jan K., IT System Engineer, SSM

“As a leading investment controlling and consulting company, we rely on stability, trust and continuity. In Sidarion we have found a partner who shares these values and has been doing an excellent job for many years."

Tobias K., Manager IT, PPC Metrics

“Sidarion’s troubleshooting is textbook. We like to use it for training purposes. It represents a great added value for us."

Isabelle B., Manager IT Services, Kantonsschule Olten

“Infoblox can be installed and then forgotten, it just works. It's one of the best solutions we've ever implemented. It has been more than worth it."

Sven S., IT Infrastructure Management, Aargauische Kantonalbank

“As a general contractor for SAP environments, we depend on competent partners. Sidarion meets this profile perfectly with its broad expertise and its great commitment to projects."

Urs B., Business Development, Avectris / Räto F., Team Leader MidMarket Operations and Storage, Avectris


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