The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is the ideal solution for nearly every enterprise workload. Powerful appliance offerings coupled with multi-hypervisor support enable a single appliance to support multiple deployment use cases in a single Nutanix cluster.

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Nutanix Complete Cluster

NUTANIX Private CloudThe Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is built on advanced, highly-distributed software architecture that provides both high performance and massive scale-out capabilities while running on best-in-class commodity hardware to maximize affordability. The Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS) connects storage, compute resources, controller logic, and hypervisor to deliver a fully integrated system that can run any virtual workload at any scale.

The architecture is purpose-built for virtualization and supports popular technologies including live VM migration, high availability (HA), distributed resource scheduling (DRS), and fault tolerance. At the same time, the Nutanix software architecture is hypervisor agnostic, supporting VMware vSphere, Microsoft HyperV and KVM along with industry-standard management systems.

Nutanix solutions deliver nearly unbounded and linear scale-out capabilities, making it easy to move from early-stage proof-of-concept testing to full production. Dynamic clustering enables compute and storage to scale one node at a time, eliminating the need to overprovision the infrastructure. This simple building block approach delivers unrivaled predictability when forecasting future datacenter costs and equipment requirements. Nutanix takes the guesswork out of datacenter planning.

True Convergence

NUTANIX Converged DesignThe Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform provides native convergence of compute, memory, and storage resources in a single appliance. Unlike early so-called ‘convergence’ approaches that simply bundled separate storage, server, and network devices into a single rack, the Nutanix solution provides an easy-to-deploy appliance that can be installed in less than 30 minutes. Datacenter managers benefit from faster time to value, lower costs, and greater datacenter simplicity.

Each 2U Nutanix appliance includes up to four high-performance server nodes, each integrating best-in-class Intel CPUs, local storage, and server-attached flash. Nutanix nodes easily combine to form a unified cluster that abstracts and pools resources from all nodes and presents them to VMs in the cluster. For the fastest possible performance, each node contains multiple tiers of persistent storage and intelligently keeps the most frequently accessed ‘hot’ data in the highest performing PCIe-based flash tier. Additional Nutanix nodes can be added seamlessly–with no downtime–to linearly scale performance and storage. Nutanix’s flexible pay-as-you-grow design makes it easy and cost effective to scale enterprise data centers to keep pace with business.